Dear Washington UMC Family,

The Administrative Board met on June 1st to discuss plans for in-person worship in the sanctuary. After much prayerful consideration and discussion, the board created and adopted Returning to the Building Phase 1: Sanctuary Re-entry, following the Healthy-at-Work Guidelines for Places of Worship and the Kentucky Conference of the United Methodist Church Plan. According to the plan, Washington UMC will plan to re-launch in-person worship in the sanctuary on June 28, 2020 with service at 11:00am. We want to do so safely, guarding the health of all. Please take the time to carefully read the guidelines on the next page.


I look forward to seeing many of you in-person in the sanctuary beginning June 28th. As we move forward, we want to keep everyone safe and healthy. If you’re a member of a vulnerable population noted in the re-launch plan, please consider staying home and participating in online worship via Facebook Live or on our Youtube channel which can be found on our website We love you and want to see you, but we want you to be healthy. We pray this virus will die out and we’re petitioning God for healing. In the meantime, we want to do everything we can to guard your health and wholeness.


If you plan to worship in-person on the 28th, please read the re-entry plan guidelines and be prepared to cooperate with them on Sunday the 28th. You may feel some of the precautions are excessive. That’s okay, but we ask you to respect the rules and guidelines that have been put in place. I would rather be overly cautious and keep everyone healthy, then to err in the other direction and contribute to someone’s illness. There haven’t been many cases in Mason County, but because this virus can be spread by asymptotic persons is cause for concern as restrictions are lifted across the Commonwealth. During this transition time, I'm asking you to do your part to keep your brothers and sisters in Christ safe. I know you want to do this and I’m thankful for your help.


Worship is central to the work of the Church, and it is by the grace of God that we have been able to do it in the parking lot and online. Remember Pentecost did not start in the Temple, but among the faithful gathered in the name of Jesus. This reminds us that we can worship anywhere and God will be present. We will continue parking lot worship for June 7th, 14th, and the 21st, and we are going to ease the restrictions on parking lot worship. You do not have to stay in your cars during worship. You can bring chairs and move to a shaded area or under a pop-up shelter. We ask that you still observe the 6ft minimum distance from each other. You will be able to hear the service because we use both the FM station and speakers. I look forward to the day when we can enthusiastically and without limits glorify God in the assembly of the faithful. That day is coming. In the meantime, let’s continue to watch over one another in love.

In Trinity,

Pastor Michael Sweeney

We are taking many precautions to ensure the health and safety of all worship attendees. Those precautions include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Vulnerable persons are encouraged to stay home and participate via Facebook Live or via our website :
    1. Individuals over 65. Individuals with serious underlying health conditions, including high blood pressure, chronic lung disease, diabetes, and asthma. Individuals whose immune system is compromised (e.g. cancer, chemo and radiation therapy).
    2. Stay home if you are sick (cough, fever, fatigue).
  2. Masks required to be worn at all times. We encourage you to bring your own mask. Masks will be available at the church building.
  3. Enter through the front sanctuary doors (All other doors will be locked).
  4. Temperature screening with a touch-free thermometer at the door.
  5. Social distancing (maintaining 6’ of space between persons of different households).
  6. There will be no choir.
  7. There will be no bulletins or sermon notes as handouts, but there will be an online version available on our website.
  8. No nursery or children’s church.
  9. No in-person Sunday School Classes.
  10. All Happy Christians outings will be postponed until further notice.
  11. We plan for each service to run for approximately 45 minutes.
  12. The sanctuary, and all surfaces that can be touched will be disinfected after the service.

If you plan to attend, please arrive a few minutes early to ensure we’re able to seat everyone and can begin the service on time.

We plan to broadcast the service on Facebook Live and on our Youtube channel which can found on our website .


This plan was supported and approved by the Administrative Board.


Brenda Hester

Sheila Euth

Allen Hester

Regina Reeves

Molly Cowan

Michael Berry

June Hale

Lovell Knox

Carol Stacy

Gerald Orme

Pastor Michael Sweeney

You can download the congregational letter here in pdf format.